Inner Mysteries Profiled with Aphrodette


Inner Mysteries Profiled

We invite you to unravel the mysteries with Inner Mysteries Profiled. Exploring the Metaphysics of Astrology and Tarot with Aphrodette.

What is Astrology and Tarot? Your birth chart (or natal chart) is like a snapshot of the heavens at the time of your birth. If you were to bisect your birth chart horizontally, the upper half would show all the stars and planets above the horizon, and the lower half the stars and planets below the horizon, as seen from your exact place of birth at that exact moment in time. Through the ancient art of Astrology and Tarot Aphrodette can focus on and interpret the subtle energies of the cosmos that come into play in your life.

Aphrodette North is a remarkably gifted and insightful Clairvoyant Astrologer who has been ministering to the needs of others all over the world for over 30 years using her natural psychic ability as well as Astrology and Tarot. She is ordained through the Alliance of Divine Love and credentialed through the International Metaphysical Ministry. She offers classes, seminars and private spiritual counseling in addition to psychic tarot readings (cartomancy) and in depth analysis using astrology. She is a perpetual student of the Light! Aphrodette is a member of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, the American Federation of Astrologers, International Society for Astrological Research and National Council for Geocosmic Research. She is the Interim Pastor at the New River Valley Metaphysical Chapel and a member of the United Communities of Spirit.

Aphrodette offers lectures, classes and confidential personal counseling. She is currently teaching classes at The Lifestream Center in Roanoke, VA. She is available for charities and private parties. Aphrodette provides readings in a private space at A Little Bit Hippy every Friday unless otherwise noted. You can find out more on her website 

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