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The Hippy Salon at our retail location inside Towers Shopping Center is open and ready to help you feel fabulous. Are you ready to start your Dreadlock Journey? Do you have locs and need them tamed? Maybe you want longer fuller hair for a special reason, or no reason at all, and just can't wait for it to grow. We can help you with all of that!

The Hippy Salon offers product-free dreadlock creation and maintenance. Everything we do is 100% natural and we will even show you how to maintain your chemical free, product free dreadlocks in between visits to our hippy salon chair.

We offer various methods of hair extensions. A Little Bit Hippy has a huge selection of feathers, woolies, and tons of hand blown glass beads. Don't know which hair product or method is right for you? The Hippy Salon is available to offer all around general support for your hair needs. 

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Dreadlocks at A Little Bit Hippy Heidi BundyThere are many approaches to starting to wear your hair in a locked style. The manicured method is what we do. Sections are uniform (to prevent excess tension as well as for aesthetics) and locks are created within the first day. We use a variety of tools that include our hands, a latch hook, and a VERY small crochet hook. Regardless of the method you choose and if your locks form over years or over night – dreadlocks and the journey you enjoy with them – will teach you more than you could ever expect.

While we do use tools for the creation and maintenance of your dreadlocks, we use zero products. We truly believe that products are simply not necessary in the creation of your locks. In fact, when over-used, products such as waxes and gels can prolong the creation of your dreadlocks and cause damage in the form of excess buildup and mildew. So long as the hair is kept clean, it will knot naturally. And that’s all dreadlocks are – thousands of knots. We do offer the line of Knotty Boy products for maintenance use and those are entirely up to you. We’ll educate you on each of the items if you’re interested and will offer other methods that you may prefer.

If you’re coming to us for a full install of dreadlocks and it’s your first time – we strongly recommend a full day appointment. Most installs range from 6-8 hours although that estimate is fully dependent on the length and texture of your hair. Maintenance appointments start at 1 hour and can be as long as a full day depending on when you’re last maintenance appointment was and how active you are in caring for your dreadlocks. During your appointment, you can expect details on how to care for your locks if they’re new (everything from cleaning to forming) and how they look from our perspective if you’re coming in for maintenance (we can see things happening near the roots and on your scalp that you can’t). We want to make sure that you’re completely comfortable with your new style and how to care for it. It makes our job that much easier when you come back to us and keeps your appointments shorter (which saves you money!).

We encourage all our appointments to be made either online on our website or through our mobile app. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have prior to your appointment – so feel free to email us, message us on Facebook, or call us. And we look forward to meeting you soon!

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Book an appointment with A Little Bit Hippy using SetMore