Family Night

Like a lot of businesses over the last 18 months we've had to make a few changes and we appreciate all of you for sticking with us. Unfortunately, Family Nights will no longer be open to the public for walk-in attendance. We apologize for any inconvenience. In order to keep attendance numbers at a safe maximum we ask that you Pre-Register for a Tie Dye class through our online scheduling system. Each class currently has 4 seats and lasts about 30 mins. If you have a group larger than four please call us at (540)343-3700.

To get priority booking for yourself or a group- download our 'A Little Bit Hippy' app in your nearest app store. 

Classes will still be offered on select Friday nights at our Towers Mall location. We are looking toward the future, and how we can offer you more chances to join a Tie Dye Master at A Little Bit Hippy!

The new/old rules are as follows: 

  1. Book your class time through our device app or online. Limited seating is available so sign up early. You will need to book a seat for EACH member of your party. Groups of 4 or more please call us.
  2. Class cost is $5 per item dyed and requires a $5 deposit per person. You may dye up to 4 items ( totaling $20) during your 30 minute class.
  3. Bring your own cotton t-shirts to dye with the help of one of our Tie Dye Masters. Don't want to dye a tee shirt? Bring your cotton socks, cotton shorts, or cotton pajamas Don't have a tee shirt? We got you. Blanks can be purchased before your class begins.
  4. Bring a copy of your confirmation email(s) with you.
  5. Come a little early if you can, and drop your items with the Tie Dye Master for extra preparation.
  6. Come prepared to get messy! The dye will stain your skin and clothing.
  7. We will do the final garment wash in our on site laundry and you can pick your items up during the following week. Or, we will provide you with take home instructions for laundering your newly dyed items.

We prohibit the following items for a Family Night class: large blankets, towels, linens of any kind, or sheets. Custom dyed linens or other dyed bulk items are available for order. Just ask!

See COVID-19 Guidelines


"If my child(ren) want to participate in a Tie Dye class do I have to pay too?"

  • Caregivers may register a child(ren) individually for a tie dye class without participating in the class. Caregivers must remain present for the duration of the class.

Information subject to change  |  This page updated August 2021

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